What’s Next

Here is a sneak peek at some of the things we are working on, have planned or are thinking about. Everything is not here though – we like to surprise you too!

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, let us know at hello@contexts.co or twitter.com/contextsapp.


  • Option to show all apps & windows from all Spaces grouped together.
  • Option to customize keyboard shortcuts for Command-Tab switchers.
  • Option to increase text contrast.


  • Option to exclude windows by title (currently only all windows of an app can be excluded).
  • Option to have all shortcuts disabled when specific apps are focused. This may be useful when working in virtual machines or when playing games.
  • Option to show Sidebars on specific displays only.
  • When Sidebar is hidden, it should slide in when the cursor moves to the corresponding vertical edge of the display anywhere.

Under Consideration

  • Refinements to the search algorithm.
  • Support for switching directly to window tabs.
  • Option to show app & window titles on Sidebar as tooltips.
  • Option to keep the active window’s item highlighted on Sidebar.
  • Dropping a file on an app or window item should open it with the corresponding app.
  • Show Dock icon progress bar.
  • Option to have the cursor automatically move to the display of the window being switched to.
  • Option to show window preview when hovering over a window item.

Support & Feedback

If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, a bug to report, or just want to send us some appreciation, we are listening at hello@contexts.co and twitter.com/contextsapp.

We love hearing from you.