Radically faster & simpler window switcher
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Version 2.0.3. Works with OS X Yosemite & El Capitan.

Contexts gives you 4 simple and fast ways to switch windows.

1. Switch with one click to any window

An auto-hiding sidebar shows your windows organized in groups. It's basically a Dock — for your windows.
  • Expands when you hover your cursor over it.
  • To switch to a window click its title.
  • Reorder groups or windows by dragging them up or down.
  • Swipe towards the edge of the screen to hide it.

2. Switch with Cmd+Tab to recently used windows

Cmd+Tab switcher fails for applications with multiple windows, right? — so we built a better one that lets you switch to individual windows directly.
  • 1. Press Command+Tab to show panel with windows listed in order they were used.
  • 2. Tab selects next window and Shift+Tab selects previous window in the list.
  • 3. Release Command to bring selected window to front.

3. Switch with one keystroke to 9 windows and with two keystrokes to any window

Love keyboard shortcuts? Then you will love this. Switch to your frequently used windows like you type — without even thinking about it.
  • 1. Press Command+<window number>.
  • 2. Release Command.
  • 3. No step 3.

4. Switch with search to any window

Yup, we got this too. Perfect for infrequently used windows.
  • 1. Press Option+Space to show panel in search mode.
  • 2. Type a few characters from application name or window title.
  • 3. Move selection up or down with arrow keys.
  • 4. Press Enter to bring selected window to front.
You probably switch windows
1+ times a minute
30+ times an hour
300+ times a day
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Version 2.0.3. Works with OS X Yosemite & El Capitan.